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73 – Photography and Video special

Taking video and photographs of your work is an increasingly essential skill, especially with the ubiquity of social media.

Iain and Seb share everything they’ve ever learned about making your stuff look great. And Seb shares his recent in-depth process for choosing a new digital camera.

Links from this episode :

Smartphone tripod holder
Matt Parker selfie stick on Boston bridge
Go Pro stabilising gimbal
Smartphone gimbal
Cheap magnetic lens for smartphones
Go Pro camera
Canon 600D (what I used at FFConf)
Canon 50mm 1.8f plastic lens “nifty-fifty”
FFconf 2016 photos
LOMO Holga plastic lens for Canon camera

iPhone Software
Filmic Pro
Filmic Remote

Film Convert Pro (plug-in for video editing software)
Lunar Trails video shot on iPhone

Sony 6300, cheaper mirrorless camera.

Logitech C920 the cheapest option for high quality video recording according to Seb – a webcam!
Sunny Lenarduzzi, a popular YouTuber who uses Logitech camera
Canon 1200D entry level DSLR

Canon 5D Full frame sensor camera
Nikon D750 full frame sensor camera

Niko Turner, excellent videographer who filmed PixelPyros and other projects by Seb
Panasonic GH4 “budget” option for 4K video. (GH5 coming out imminently)

Sony A7 series
A7S Mark II – £2800 just for body!
A7S Mark I – what Seb bought, second hand
Fuji XT2 – the camera Seb fell in love with but ultimately didn’t buy
Lenses Seb bought for his camera :
Sony 50mm f1.8lens
Sony 24-70mm f4 lens
Now I See – Film of Brighton Beach by Philip Bloom that demonstrates the Sony A7S remarkable ability to see in the dark.

Links to products are Amazon Affiliate links – support the podcast and go buy something! 🙂

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72 – Holiday Special! And Internet controlled Stranger Things lights

It’s the Christmas special! Iain and Seb talk about the past year and what’s in store for 2017. And Seb talks through his Raspberry Pi and Node.js powered Stranger Things lights, connected to the upside-down (also known as the internet).

24Ways post – instructions how to make the lights yourself!
Control the lights at


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71 – Part four of Iain’s guide to game design

Part four of Iain’s series on game design covers all things audio! Get the most of your sound effects and music, and hear Iain and Seb attempt to sing classic arcade game music.


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70 – Part 3 of Iain’s guide to game design – animation

Continuing on from episdode 57, part three of Iain’s rapidly expanding series about game design covers animation techniques.


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69 – Seb and Iain catch up on the latest hardware releases

Seb and Iain catch up on the latest in hardware news, including the new Macbook Pros, Nintendo switch, Windows Surface Studio, PS4 Pro, PSVR, Xbox Scorpio, and the news from Unite, the Unity3D conference.


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68 – Seb wins the Lumen Prize Interactive Award

Seb finishes his crazy crunch time with 3 shows and winning the Lumen Interactive Award all in one week! Iain talks about character animation in Unity3D.

80s Argos Catalogue collection


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67 – Hacking classic Nintendo guns and going viral

After a summer mini-break Seb and Iain have a well overdue catch-up. Seb explains how he put a laser in a Nintendo Zapper gun and became a viral sensation, all for his brand new one-man show Hacked On Classics.


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66 – Jay Armstrong of Massive Monster

Iain is joined by indie game developer Jay Armstrong of Massive Monster, to talk about his upcoming game The Adventure Pals.


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65 – VR with Pascal Auberson

Iain is joined by VR developer Pascal Auberson of Lumacode to talk all things virtual reality, from patio furniture and motion sickness, to Unity and Unreal.

@ pauberson

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64 – JavaScript electronics with Espruino

Seb interviews Gordon Williams, the inventor of the Espruino, a JavaScript electronics prototyping platform. Gordon tells the story of how he built a JavaScript interpreter and how he ran his successful Kickstarter campaigns.

Check out Gordon’s latest Kickstarter campaign- puck.js


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63 – Brexit shell-shock

In this rare political episode, Seb and Iain mourn the impending loss of their European Union citizenship. And also touch upon the Unity3D profiler and capacitive touch sensors. But mostly just sulk. Normal service will return next week.

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FactCheck: everything you need to know about immigration 
“Even a large influx of migrant workers is only likely to affect average hourly wages in the UK by a few pence an hour, either upwards or downwards. Compared with the impact of changes to the tax system (for example), the effects of immigration are negligible.”

FactCheck: Express goes bananas over EU
Debunking the Express listicle

Rupert Murdoch – “When I go into Downing Street they do what I say; when I go to Brussels they take no notice.” Quoted by the Evening Standard.

Sarah Vine, wife of Conservative leadership candidate Michael Gove, in leaked letter suggesting that Boris Johnson was not popular with Murdoch/Dacre. Guardian article

Michael Gove – “People have had enough of experts”

Infinite Ammo Podcast

Wait but Why AI posts

Universal Basic Income will likely increase Social Cohesion

Guy Standing – The Precariat

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62 – Regency Solitaire creator Jake Birkett

Iain is joined by game developer Jake Birkett, owner of Grey Alien Games, creator of Regency Solitaire. We talk about the development of Regency Solitaire, his new game Shadow Hand, and running a games business in general.


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