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50 – Raquel Vélez talks to Seb about Node.js and NodeBots

Seb meets Raquel Vélez of npm Inc, co-host of the Reactive Podcast and expert in JavaScript robotics. Find out what npm really stands for (astonishingly not Node Package Manager) and how to get started with robots in JavaScript. @cc_pod @iainlobb … Continue reading

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49 – Canabalt and Flixel creator Adam ‘Atomic’ Saltsman

In this special extended edition, Iain talks to Adam ‘Atomic’ Saltsman about epic endless runner Canabalt, pixel art, his game engine Flixel, and the trials and tribulations of being an indie game developer. @cc_pod @iainlobb @seb_ly @adamatomic

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48 – Iain talks Unity3D and code education with Stacey Mulcahy

Iain is joined by guest host Stacey Mulcahy, and runs down his extensive top ten list of favourite Unity3D assets. Stacey shares her experiences teaching code to beginners discussing the various merits of Processing, Scratch, P5.js and Unity3D. Follow us … Continue reading

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47 – Seb talks to NASA data artist Rachel Binx

Rachel Binx is a data visualiser at NASA JPL. If that isn’t enough she has some incredible side projects, including Gifpop! which turns animated gifs into lenticular prints, and Meshu that converts your travel history into gorgeous geometric jewellery. She … Continue reading

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