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62 – Regency Solitaire creator Jake Birkett

Iain is joined by game developer Jake Birkett, owner of Grey Alien Games, creator of Regency Solitaire. We talk about the development of Regency Solitaire, his new game Shadow Hand, and running a games business in general. @cc_pod @iainlobb @GreyAlien

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61 – Coding rainbows with Dan Shiffman

The inimitable, irrepressible, and quite simply wonderful Dan Shiffman joins Seb as co-host, talking about his work with the Processing Foundation, P5.js, live coding, and his incredible catalog of videos that help artists to learn programming. And of course, rainbows. … Continue reading

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60 – Cate Huston talks to Seb about managing coders

Cate Huston is Director of Mobile Engineering at car-pooling start-up Ride and advisor to the crowd-funded laser cutter start-up GlowForge. Seb and Cate talk about the difficulty of transitioning from coder to manager, mobile app development, and colours. @cc_pod @seb_ly … Continue reading

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59 – Lasers and Cathode Ray Tubes

Seb and Iain meet in real life and catch up with recent projects and research. Iain is nauseated by VR headsets and Seb explains how lasers are just like cathode ray tubes. Kind of. @cc_pod @iainlobb @seb_ly

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