12 – Art from code with Casey Reas and Marius Watz

On this week’s *award nominated* podcast, Seb tells us about the launch of  creativejs.com and chats to Casey Reas and Marius Watz. Iain let’s us know more things he’s learned.

This week’s links:

D2W conference – //d2wc.com/
Creativejs.com – //creativejs.com
Paul Neave – //twitter.com/#!/neave
Hakim El Hattab – //hakim.se/
Lisa Larson-Kelly – //twitter.com/#!/lisamarienyc
Val Head – //twitter.com/#!/vlh
Casey Reas – //twitter.com/#!/reas
Processing – //processing.org/
Eyeo Conference – //eyeofestival.com/
Andres Colubri – //twitter.com/#!/codeanticode
Aesthetics and Computation Group – MIT – //acg.media.mit.edu/
Golan Levin – //twitter.com/#!/golan
Nikita Pashenkov – //acg.media.mit.edu/people/nik/
Marius Watz – //www.unlekker.net/
MakerBot – //www.makerbot.com/
ProcessingJS – //processingjs.org/
Nicholas Felton – //twitter.com/#!/feltron

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Casey Reas
Marius Watz

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Music: Iain dragged some loops onto the timeline in Sony Acid Music.

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2 Responses to 12 – Art from code with Casey Reas and Marius Watz

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  2. Simon says:

    Really enjoying these guys (only recently discovery ’em). Nice one.

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