19 – Trolling, jQuery and Open Frameworks with Joshua Noble

Fear not, for we have returned! We discuss the merits of jQuery, how trolls prosper on the web and Joshua Noble tells Seb about his journey from Flex to Open Frameworks.

We’re looking for volunteers to compile links for this and many of our previous episodes! Want to help out and get nothing in return but the feeling of a job well done? Contact us!

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Links for this episode:

Jon Tan – gentleman web designer //jontangerine.com/
Matt Rix – //trainyard.ca
Cocos2D – //cocos2d-iphone.org
JSTweener //coderepos.org/share/wiki/JSTweener
Joshua Noble //thefactoryfactory.com/
The Killing – //www.imdb.com/title/tt0049406/
Robert Hodgin – //roberthodgin.com/
Receipt Racer – //vimeo.com/24987120
mTagger (grafitti recorder) – //thefactoryfactory.com/mtagger/
Theo Watson – //theowatson.com/
Evan Roth – Graffiti Analysis – //graffitianalysis.com/
Panda Board – //pandaboard.org/
Raspberry Pi – //www.raspberrypi.org/
12 days of CreativeJS //creativejs.com/category/12-days-of-creativejs/
The V8 Myth: Why JS is not a worthy competitor //blogs.adobe.com/avikchaudhuri/2012/01/17/the-v8-myth-why-javascript-is-not-a-worthy-competitor/
FITC Amsterdam //www.fitc.ca/events/about/?event=125

Show edited by Jack Menhorn (jackmenhorn.com, twitter.com/KomradeJack)

Design by Val Head (valhead.comtwitter.com/vlh)

Music: Iain dragged some loops onto the timeline in Sony Acid Music.

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7 Responses to 19 – Trolling, jQuery and Open Frameworks with Joshua Noble

  1. Stefan says:

    Please keep posting the links, I use them.
    I could help you with the links, however I don’t know that many creative coders and tools, so there’d be a lot of googling, on my side, and checking, on your side, involved.

  2. Iain says:

    Thanks Stefan – we’ll bear you in mind 😀

  3. quickfingers says:

    Good podcast trolls. btw, my twitter link is wrong 🙂 Unfortunately I wasn’t the first Quick Fingers to hit the Internets so I had to go with a hip Z at the end of my name so correct url is twitter.com/quickfingerz


  4. Balázs Galambosi says:

    Nice interview.

    I can’t help but notice how Joshua’s voice is spookily similar to that of Hugh Jackman. 🙂

    e.g. check this out: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vy862OBprwk

  5. Jafar says:

    nice podcast, i enjoy the humor, probably one of the better podcasts on development online…all the other ones are boring.

    please keep making them.

  6. Christian says:

    I often listen to podcasts when driving and it is quite difficult to browse the web at the same time – I need your links! Thank you for listing them 🙂

  7. Asad says:

    Dun worry about the trolls Adobe…and tht retard AVIK theyll relaize when they go broke in the near future

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