25 – US visas, retina screens and art for non-artists

Seb falls foul of US immigration, we chat about the new Macs and Iain gives some tips on making art when you can’t draw.

As promised in the show, here’s some art with and without gradients:

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Show edited by Jack Menhorn (jackmenhorn.comtwitter.com/KomradeJack)

Design by Val Head (valhead.comtwitter.com/vlh)

Music: Iain dragged some loops onto the timeline in Sony Acid Music.

Links coming very soon.

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7 Responses to 25 – US visas, retina screens and art for non-artists

  1. Dont worry about the rambling… most of podcasting is rambling anyways. Listening to both of you “ramble” about nothing is still more interesting than some other podcasts that take themselves too seriously.


  2. //vimeo.com/43522173

    video link of the tangible instruments show

  3. First off, great podcast guys, I’ve enjoyed them all.

    You asked us to ask you questions so here’s mine:

    Like a lot of people I originally got into code through Flash. I originally wanted to be an animator and Flash was one of the best tools out there to do that. But it quickly transpired I don’t have anywhere near enough patience to animate frame by frame but I did find it easy enough to code them (which back then was about as complicated as starting and stopping nested movieclips on mouse click) and that was my entry point to the coding world. I’m interested what you guys think is the equivalent entry to creative code these days? One where people pick up code almost by mistake?

  4. Jean-Christophe Nicolas says:

    Definitely more rambling! .. There’s more chance of ian annoying seb.

  5. Adam says:

    Dont go changing. Rambling and informal-ness is a draw card for myself.

    One request: The browser audio player, can you make it wider? Its hard to fine scrub, often you will say something i miss and want to re-hear.

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