43 – Great Artists Steal

Somebody really likes Seb’s work but doesn’t want to pay for it… what happens next won’t surprise you!

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  1. newmiracle says:

    Guys… what about the Raspberry Pi is open source?

    …it runs Linux! The reasons why people were excited about it and it took off was because it was 1) cheap, 2) ran desktop Linux.

    “Open Source” business models have many different approaches, and certain approaches make sense for certain careers and businesses. For example, sure, the Unity community doesn’t lean towards open source stuff in general. But what about tutorials and books about coding for Unity? Even when you pay for it, the example code given is “open source”. But even on free blogs or whatever, you can make ad revenue, your site could be essentially a big personal ad for your ability to be a Unity dev, or a teacher, and so on.

    Not saying it is the magic bullet, but there are ways for “open source” to work as a career.

    I think this, among many other strategies, would be great to hear about in a ‘making money’ episode.

    Love the work. Patreon, ads in the podcast, whatever. Love listening and look forward to new episodes.

  2. Excellent podcast, thank you. So nice to be listening to British voices for a change, most of my other tech listening is American.

    I’d love to hear podcasts about the technologies used to do specific things, especially installation stuff. I’ve started to dabble with webcam image manipulation using AIR (I have a Flash background) especially shadows, but I’m also interested in Processing and the like.

    As far as your musing about how to make money what I’d like and be willing to pay for is a set of tutorials with source code that go beyond the “Hello World” and bland examples. Blocks of content to get me far into a new technology to have some fun with it. E.g. how to make a simple audio visualiser.

  3. Alfonso Guerra says:

    Just listened to the beginning of the podcast, and heard Seb mention his belief in being the first to do computer-generated fireworks? I apologize if I misunderstood his remark, however watch Pyro on a Mac Classic II.

    But yeah, it’s pathetic when artists and programmers are willing to blatantly rip off someone else’s work or likeness, particularly when they do it at bargain-basement prices!

    • Seb Lee-Delisle says:

      Hey Alfonso! I’m pretty sure I was referring to large scale projected interactive fireworks but apologies if I didn’t make myself clear. Of course there have been virtual fireworks for years and years! Love the Pyro link, thank you!

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