2 – Mobile Devices Special

In this mobile devices special, Iain and Seb discuss iOS, Android, Window Phone 7… some other things. Just listen to it and find out, OK?!

By the way, here’s how to call JavaScript from your address bar – just copy and paste this into it:
javascript: alert(“Boom!”);


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This week’s links :
Luguru pirated on App Store

Falling Balls
Matt Rix blog post about TrainYard

Playbook SDK
Free Playbook for developers
Creative JavaScript workshop
Creative JS at FITC Amsterdam
HTML(5) – the saga continues at FITC Amsterdam
SxSW CreativeJS workshop
Technique Digital Retreat, Manchester
Extended Play – Plymouth indie games meetup:

Music : Modfunk – Texmex

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17 Responses to 2 – Mobile Devices Special

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  2. jim says:

    seb has a sexy voice, specially when he says ‘zooooom’

    good stuff guys!

    (go on, whisper ‘zoooooom’ one more time)

  3. Julian Dolce says:

    You can also use HTML5/CSS/JavaScript to make PlayBook Apps using the WebWorks SDK.


  4. Matthew Fabb says:

    Great podcast guys.

    Note, AIR isn’t the only way to make PlayBook apps, it was just the first SDK that RIM released. Recently RIM released a WebWorks SDK (HTML/JS) and have promised to release a Java SDK & C++ SDK for the PlayBook. Also RIM say that their AIR SDK will later have C++ extensions. I’ve wonder if that’s how RIM will quickly put new features into the AIR SDK, without having to wait for Adobe to update the API.

    I’m making a PlayBook app and I know a lot of Flash developers who are doing the same. I think if the apps people were making were PlayBook-only then few would invest the time, but the majority of those I know who are working on apps are making Android version as well, some even iPad versions.

    Will a market exist just for the PlayBook? I’m not too sure about the consumer side of things but I’ve seen a lot of interest from the coporate/enterprise side of things. I went to the Meet The PlayBook event in Toronto that Adobe and RIM put on, about half of the crowd were developers and the other half were suits. Businesses who’s employees already had BlackBerries and while they liked the iPad they seemed to have security concerns or infrastructure concerns and were more comfortable buying a RIM tablet. Anyways, we will see.

    Also as mentioned on Twitter, it still seems to me that Microsoft is looking to put Flash Player 10.1 on Windows Phone 7. Seb mentioned a tweet from someone from Microsoft, but I hadn’t hear or seen anything from that. Early on in 2010, they were talking about 10.1 coming out on WP7 with an update in early 2011. As Microsoft was rushing to get their OS out the door and didn’t have time for anything else, as many have pointed out even something as simple as copy and pasting. The first WP7 update seems to be getting pushed out short and I’ve wondered if it will include WP7, but so far there’s no word from Adobe or Microsoft. Perhaps it will be made clear what is going to happen next week with World Mobile Congress. Anyways, when the issue came up a few months ago on Twitter, John Dowdell from Adobe pointed to this press release, saying something along the lines that he wasn’t aware of anything changing:

  5. Great job. Loads of fun to listen to, after a loooong week 😛

    Seb, my son Jean-Pierre (3yo) absolutely loves your Kittens App. We are ready for a follow up: Zoo & Farm animals, dogs, anything on a conveyer belt really…

  6. Jamie White says:

    Great listening for the commute. Thanks!! Looking forward to episode 3!

  7. sixfngers says:

    I downloaded kitten conveyor belt on my wife’s phone as a surprise right after it went free (i didn’t know about it when it was paid) and she loves it. meow.

  8. derek knox says:

    Iain – “Maybe in the context of pulling things out of it,” I’ll allow it, super funny. The podcasts are entertaining for sure, keep it up.

  9. Matt Rix says:

    Hey guys, thanks for mentioning Trainyard! Really enjoyed the podcast, keep it up.


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  11. Another great show. However I think you *did* in some way know about js in the address bar. That’s why we can call JS from AS or href, no?

  12. Mark Burvill says:

    Another entertaining episode – thanks guys.

    I was interested in your take on Flash on mobile browsers. My main phone has been an HTC Desire for the past year, and I’ve had Flash on it since Froyo came out last Summer. Like Iain, I was really excited to see my work running reasonably nicely on it, but most of my games / Flash sites are simply unusable on mobile because they just weren’t designed for it. To this day I don’t think I’ve successfully played a flash game in the browser on my phone and actually had an enjoyable experience.

    I’m left feeling that, whilst it’s nice not to see blue legos here and there whilst browsing, I honestly don’t get much value out of having flash on my mobile.

    And as for Air, I actually recently uninstalled it as it was taking up so much space on my phone (about 16MB) and I kept running low.

    I will stick up for Android a bit though and say that in general I’ve had a brilliant experience with my HTC and the platform in general. I do own an ipod touch as well, and I have to say I much prefer the way Android handles a double-tap on a block of text within the browser, and re-flows it to a good readable size. My eyes are admittedly crap though, so perhaps that’s just me.
    I’m still waiting for the quality of the games on Android to compete with those of iOS though.

  13. Robin Lambell says:

    Great podcast! I’m looking forward to the next episodes. Please don’t cut out the mid-recording googling and profanity, it helps paint a fuller picture.

  14. Phil says:

    Great podcast guys….
    My girlfriend bought and paid for Kittens on a conveyor belt she now feels privileged to be part of the 100 🙂

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