3 – Molehill and Processing with Jer Thorp

Updates on Windows Phone, Flash Molehill, Jangaroo and Scaleform, and special guest Jer Thorp talks to us about Processing.

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This week’s links :

Jer Thorp’s blog
Jangaroo demos working
Iain’s rant about hardware accelerated 2D in Flash
Windows Phone + Nokia
Jim’s weird cat website
Kitten Conveyorbelt
ESimpleStudios “Super Kitten Conveyorbelt”
Molehill Prerelease
Scaleform on iPad – watch the video!
Jer Thorp
Colour Economy (not Stock Market – sorry Jer!)
Twitter JustLanded
Robert Hodgin
Seb’s “slightly failed” music career
Big Spaceship
Extended Play blog
Jer Thorp’s Processing workshops
Eyeo festival
FITC Amsterdam
Seb’s CreativeJS workshops
#creativejs hashtag

Music : Modfunk – Texmex

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6 Responses to 3 – Molehill and Processing with Jer Thorp

  1. Adam says:

    can “Ignorance corner” be a new feature please? Perhaps the Creative coding version of the Naughty step?

  2. Matthew Fabb says:

    Another great postcast guys.

    Note the Windows Phone 7 update, where they add IE9 has a code name “Mango” and some rumors say it might be called Windows Phone 7.5 or completely rebranded:
    So Seb was right in that there will be a new Windows Phone.

    Also note that in Adobe’s PR, they no longer talk about Flash Player coming to Windows Phone 7, but to “future versions of Windows Phone”. Here’s a link to an Adobe press release with that wording:

    My guess is a Flash Player 10.2 update will come with this Mango update, with it working in IE9. The reason being that Microsoft & Adobe didn’t want to spend time updating the current IE7 mobile browser with 10.1, which Microsoft seemed to have thrown into their phone as a bit of a stop-gap measure until IE9 was ready.

  3. Adrian Parr says:

    Hey Seb (and Iain),

    Great podcast. Really loving it and thanks for getting Jer on.
    Looking forward to the next episode.
    Keep it up.



  4. Mat says:

    Hey guys, great episode. Would love to see more coders like Jer on the show!

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  6. Richie says:

    You three had a great dynamic. I think you should have Jer on regularly!

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