5 – Game Design and Conference Etiquette with Ryan Henson Creighton

Seb fills us in on SxSW, Iain discusses the game design of Owl Spin, plus Ryan Henson Creighton joins us to talk game violence and conference etiquette.

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This week’s links :

SxSW Interactive
Game Programming Gems
Tim O’Reilly on book piracy
Flash Game License
Untold Entertainment
Flash Gaming Summit – watch all sessions for free!
Austin Powers Henchman Scene
Game Camp

Music: Iain, via Sony Acid Music

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4 Responses to 5 – Game Design and Conference Etiquette with Ryan Henson Creighton

  1. Ricardo Sanchez says:

    OpenFrameworks podcast will be awesome!

  2. Joby says:

    Hi guys very much enjoying the podcasts!

    Further to Seb’s comments I’d love to hear an episode on OpenFrameworks if you get the chance. I got into creative coding working on a project using Processing and Arduino and am keen to start experimenting with oF when I get some spare time. Understandably Flash is very close to both your hearts but if you could see your way to squeezing in a teensy bit more on Processing and oF you’ll certainly be getting that extra (5) star rating from me – btw particularly loved the Jer Thorp episode

    Cheers chaps!

  3. Mat says:

    Great episode again guys. An openframeworks epsiode would be awesome. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Zach and Theo demo OF projects and they’re both awesome!

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