4 – Flash Special (plus WebGL and Unity3D)

Seb is fresh from FITC where he bagged interviews with some Adobe engineers about Molehill and Wallaby. We also argue about WebGL, Unity3D and the need for visual tools.

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This week’s links :

Truro named one of world’s cleanest cities!
1600 Sprite 2D molehill engine
Another one called M2D
Unity announce Flash support
Give us your stars! (all 5 if possible!)
Parse Flash animations – we didn’t talk about this project specifically, but it does a lot of the cool stuff we discussed.
Ben Pitt AKA Robot Duck
TechCrunch on Wallaby
Twitter dev on Wallaby
Bunny Mark in Molehill – requires Molehill Flash player, obvs.
Carlos Ulloa / Hello Enjoy
Mr Doob (Ricardo Cabello)
Chrome Frame
PhobosLab on the state of HTML5 audio

Music : Modfunk – Texmex

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11 Responses to 4 – Flash Special (plus WebGL and Unity3D)

  1. Peter says:

    Loved the episode, keep up the good work!

    Funny you guys talk about hating Eclipse and wanting Adobe to just develop their own IDE for Flex — in the old days of Flex 1 and 1.5 Macromedia had their own Flex Builder IDE (based on Dreamweaver) which most people hated with a passion.

    • Hey Peter! That’s interesting! Why do you think people hated it? I heard the editor in DW was kinda OK?


      • Philippe says:

        Adobe *had* to go with Eclipse to look serious among the “serious” developer community.

        Now I think Adobe’s doing the right thing in improving Flash Pro integrated editor – it still has a long way to go in some areas but it’s definitely becoming decent.

        • Iain says:

          Yes we did neglect to praise the improvements that have been made with CS5. It’s still no FlashDevelop, but it’s better than nothing!

  2. Lawrie says:

    Another really interesting episode guy. Great job.

  3. Tom says:

    Intresting stuff chaps particauly the disucsion about whether the flash IDE is actualy that suited to making games. It would be quite possible to make a unity stlye game dev tool in flash. Who knows may be Mr Peters swfsheet is an omen for the future of the Flash IDE.

  4. Ian Yates says:

    Good job guys, entertaining stuff! Interesting points about Flash IDE usage. Subscribed and 5* awarded 🙂

  5. Mark Burvill says:

    Another entertaining episode – thanks guys.

    I’ve been trying out Unity quite a bit lately, and one thing that struck me straight away is how refreshing it is to be using an IDE that really is targeted at game authoring, in comparison to Flash. In many ways it represents to me the direction I wish the Flash IDE had taken over the last few years, rather than just having one or two badly thought-out and ultimately useless features tacked on each release.

    Oh and I smiled at Seb’s reference to Amos. There’s a blast from the past! But do you remember Shoot-em-up Construction Kit? Now THAT was a game IDE!

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