9 – Processing and Cinder with Robert Hodgin (Flight404)

Seb catches up with Robert Hodgin aka Flight404 to discuss art and computers.


The Barbarian Group

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Music: Iain dragged some loops onto the timeline in Sony Acid Music.

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4 Responses to 9 – Processing and Cinder with Robert Hodgin (Flight404)

  1. Andy Talbot says:

    Ha, brilliant, I too chose Art, Maths and one other for A-Level, much to my teachers dismay… and I too got a D in Art because I did an animation in POVRay, and they had no idea how to grade that…

  2. Mark Burvill says:

    Enjoyed this one as I love Robert’s work and have played around with Cinder a little.

    I laughed out loud when he mentioned doing colour-cycling in Deluxe Paint. I spent many happy hours mucking around with that on my Amiga.

    I think you need to do a full-on Spectrum / Amiga nostalgia themed episode next please. Get Jeff Minter on! :o)

  3. Hai, i love this podcast 🙂 very good & im enjoying. Im very new to coding.

    I have a request, if you can pick one of this :

    1) How to be a coder & what attitude to be a coder (anything about how to started the coding)
    2) I 3D Visual Artist using Blender 2.5 (an open source) & wanted to learn python for make add-ons, if you can discuss about it, i really love too! Better if you guys invite one of Blender Foundation. ( I know this is big request, so i did not expect much)

    3) Review Nodebox?

    Oh finally, can you guys rename the mp3 with the topic? example;
    “CreativeCodingEpisode5 – Game Design and Conference Etiquette with Ryan Henson Creighton.mp3”

    Thanks & keep update the podcast! 😀

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