10 – Teaching Game Development, Stencyl and New York

With Seb caught between the moon and New York City, we think about whether it’s worth writing a book, and take a look at the game developemnt tool Stencyl.

FITC – //www.fitc.ca/
Daniel Shiffman – //twitter.com/#!/shiffman
Jer Thorpe – //twitter.com/#!/blprnt
Jesse Warden – //twitter.com/#!/jesterxl
Zach Lieberman – //twitter.com/#!/zachlieberman
Active Den – //activeden.net/
Unity3d – //unity3d.com/
Carlos Ulloa – //twitter.com/#!/c4rl05
HelloEnjoy – //helloenjoy.com/
Away3d – //away3d.com/
Papervision – //www.papervision3d.org/
Stencyl – //www.stencyl.com/
Scratch visual coding – //scratch.mit.edu/
No HW acceleration on Linux – //seb.ly/2011/07/no-molehill-on-linux/
Box2D – //box2d.org/
Eyeo Festival – //eyeofestival.com/
D2W Conference – //d2wc.com/

Links: //zoo.tl/p/1cup

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Music: Iain dragged some loops onto the timeline in Sony Acid Music.

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3 Responses to 10 – Teaching Game Development, Stencyl and New York

  1. Adrian Parr says:

    Hey guys,

    How’s about the following hashtag …




  2. Glen says:

    A bath is usually hotter than body temperature, unless you want to feel cold when having it. Surprisingly a bath at 40 degrees celsius feels pretty hot when it’s only 3 degrees above body temperature. (We have tested extensively with a baby bath thermometer to gain these results. No babies were bathed at more than 37 degrees for this test)

  3. Hussein Khraibani says:

    Seb & Iain, thanks for this podcast you are really doing some great work by bring all the news sumed up in an hour! Which save me some time jumping from one blog to another!
    I Listen to it while code is fun, its the perfect music to my ears cause its geeky and funny at the same time!


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