56 – Vectors and pixels with Sara Soueidan & Mariko Kosaka

Seb is joined by regular guest co-host Val Head at the Render Conference in Oxford. Val is our roving reporter for this episode, and she interviews two of the Render Conference speakers Mariko Kosaka, and Sara Soueidan.

Mariko talks about how she got deep into HTML5 canvas via a knitting machines and Sara shares her extensive knowledge of SVG.

Mariko Kosaka – @kosamari kosamari.com
her slides: //kosamari.com/presentation/render-2016/
the scrollytelling talk info: vallandingham.me/think_you_can_scroll.html

Sara Soueidan – @SaraSoueidan sarasoueidan.com
The view box article: sarasoueidan.com/blog/svg-coordinate-systems/
Her articles on SVG: sarasoueidan.com/articles/


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