63 – Brexit shell-shock

In this rare political episode, Seb and Iain mourn the impending loss of their European Union citizenship. And also touch upon the Unity3D profiler and capacitive touch sensors. But mostly just sulk. Normal service will return next week.

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FactCheck: everything you need to know about immigration 
“Even a large influx of migrant workers is only likely to affect average hourly wages in the UK by a few pence an hour, either upwards or downwards. Compared with the impact of changes to the tax system (for example), the effects of immigration are negligible.”

FactCheck: Express goes bananas over EU
Debunking the Express listicle

Rupert Murdoch – “When I go into Downing Street they do what I say; when I go to Brussels they take no notice.” Quoted by the Evening Standard.

Sarah Vine, wife of Conservative leadership candidate Michael Gove, in leaked letter suggesting that Boris Johnson was not popular with Murdoch/Dacre. Guardian article

Michael Gove – “People have had enough of experts”

Infinite Ammo Podcast

Wait but Why AI posts

Universal Basic Income will likely increase Social Cohesion

Guy Standing – The Precariat

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2 Responses to 63 – Brexit shell-shock

  1. George W Wilson says:

    I don’t blame you guys for the mess over there with BrExit. Please don’t hold Trump against us here in the US. I truly worry about our elections this time. Hope we all come out of this is one piece.

    Keep up the great show.

    From a proud patron,

    • Seb Lee-Delisle says:

      Thanks George! Yeah we seem to be in a race to the bottom at the moment – good luck to you all in the USA!

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